The Narrators blend acoustic rock, folk, country, power pop, blues, and bluegrass into their own unique brand of Americana Music.  Formed in 2003 by Tom Dupuis and Jim Felhofer this Wisconsin based duo tell their stories in songs layered with diverse instrumentation and tight vocal harmonies. 

The Narrators are proof that meaningful, heartfelt, and genuine music has nothing to do with charts, a following, awards, or other semi-superficial accolades. It’s about sharing a special one-of-a-kind bond with others, whether that’s fellow band members, your fans, family, and/or friends.” - Katie Power

Music Mecca

One of the standout aspects of “Long Gone” is its ability to showcase the band’s versatility and range. Each track is a testament to their ability to blend different musical styles, from folk to a more expansive indie sound, creating a unique auditory experience that’s both refreshing and deeply familiar. ” - Kayla Jones

Doppio Magazine

The Narrators continue to impress with their ability to craft songs that are not only musically rich but also emotionally impactful. ‘Less of You’ is a shining example of their talent and a track that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on its listeners.” - Lucy Fitzgerald

Broken Color

Long Gone” showcases a range of The Narrators’ rich songwriting and the expressive and powerful vocals.” - Sarah Jickling

Lost In The Nordics

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